First unlimited data phone plans by Vodafone

First unlimited data phone plans new salvo in telco wars

Unlimited movies, TV, social media, games and music – download and stream as much as you want, when you want without the risk of being stung by hefty fees. The latest telco wars are being fought over unlimited data plans for mobile phones, designed to put an end to bill shock. 9NEWS can exclusively reveal that Vodafone will tomorrow begin selling the country’s first unlimited data mobile plans at three price points: $60, $80 and $100 a month. It comes just a month after Optus dabbled in unlimited data, offering a specific plan to a limited number of customers only to withdraw it 24 hours later. It’s currently available but only to a select few customers.

Under the Vodafone deal, the $60-a-month plan gives users 30 gigabytes of data at the highest possible speed, followed by unlimited data at 1.5Mbps. The $80 deal offers 60GB of data at the highest speeds before slowing down, while the $100 plan gives 100GB before reverting to slower downloads. “Bill shock with regards to data is a thing of the past,” Vodafone’s Ben McIntosh told 9NEWS. Within hours, Telstra announced it would offer unlimited plans from Thursday. Priced at $69 a month on a minimum 12-month plan, it comes with 40GB of data at uncapped speeds, then unlimited data at the standard speed of 1.5Mbps for the rest of the month. You’ll need to bring your own phone. Analysts say the sector is in for a massive shake-up.

“This is the big telcos differentiating themselves from the smaller ones and taking a stranglehold on their customer base,” Canstar’s Simon Downes says.

This unlimited plan will end the customer to buy those expensive data after the monthly data pack is finished. Currently, customers have to pay 10$ per GB for extra data they buy after plan data expires.

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